What questions can I ask?
You can ask your leader whatever you want. Just make sure to ask relevant questions of public interest. Be respectful and clear to be featured 🙂

How many questions can I ask?
You can ask as many questions as you want, but record each question as a separate video. We cannot promise all your questions will be answered, and we will try to ensure other people get a chance to ask questions as well, but  as such there’s no limit per person.

Will my question definitely be answered by my leader?
We cannot promise that all questions will be answered by your leader, but we will definitely try our best to have your question answered. It is ultimately the decision of the leader whether or not she/he wishes to answer your question.

When will I get the answer?
While this is contingent upon the leader and her/his availability, we will try our best to get across the answers to you as soon as possible.

How will I get the answer?
Once the leader sends us her/his reply on video, we will patch it with your question and share a video containing both your question and their answer. This will be sent to you on WhatsApp and also made available publicly on our website and social media channels.